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My Music

While the studios at 44AD in Abbey Green were closed due to the coronavirus, and while my writing for schoolchildren was temporarily halted, I managed, with no effort as far as motivation is concerned, to dive into recording some of my songs.  As the days go by, I'll be adding another and then a few more.  I've been waiting for this for a very long time.  And now the time is here.  I hope there is something here you like.  

For more original music by Jim EDMISTON, go to

In lockdown or simply on your own, there is nothing digital that can replace real human contact.

Breathe Your AirJim Edmiston
00:00 / 04:27

In praise of a generation that might just rescue the planet for us.

Seeing the FallJim Edmiston
00:00 / 04:04

A song about leaving - what is left behind and what do you take with you?

Black Shadow Jim Edmiston
00:00 / 04:57

Do the super-rich need all that

money and where do they hide it?

Talk The Big Man DownJim Edmiston
00:00 / 03:21

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