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Days in the Studio

My studio could be a quiet place.  Or I could be listening to my own music - maybe something from the band, Second Favourite Jam.  One of 

the compositions I'm working on.

But it's not quiet.  In this heat, and with the window open, I can

hear the buskers - good though they might be - playing the same repertoire as they did last week.  In fact, LAST YEAR!  The seagulls imagine we're all at the seaside - which we are not.  And there is the drill and clank of scaffolding being taken down.

I'm trying to paint something based on a room by Rennie Mackintosh - part of an apartment he designed above a shop in the small Scottish town of Comrie.  Is it working out according to the image in my head?  Hmm...  

Perhaps I'll have it finished soon and on the website so you can take potshots at it!

(1st August 2018)

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